Al - Ahli hardens the agreement and indulge in a crushing defeat in the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Cup

Abdulrahman Gharib scored the winning goal for Al Ahli team to make it beat Al Ittifaq in the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Cup professional league season 2019-2020.

Omar Al Soma was able to make a big fuss in today's game and to delight the fans after he paid the opening goal of Al-Ahli club, in the net against his team Al-Ittifaq, in the meeting that brought the two teams, on Saturday evening, at Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd Stadium, within the competitions The second round of the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Professional Cup “2019-2020 season”.

In a related sports context, the second goal of the meeting came in the 55th minute through a magnificent shot by Naim Sliti, who put it in the net to score the equalizer for the team to deal.

In the 85th minute Abdul Rahman Gharib was able to score the third goal in the meeting and the second goal for Ahli team to cause great joy for the public Alahlhoip in the stadium.

Al Ahli are looking forward to their first win in the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Cup in the 2019-2020 season.

On the other hand, Al-Ahli failed to achieve victory and win in its first game in the league, especially in the last round, after it fell in a draw with a goal against a goal with a guest newly promoted justice to the professional league.

On the other hand, Al Ittifaq team enters that game in order to search for the continuation of glories and victories, and add three more points after the three points it won from the victory in the first round on the guest of Al Wahda, which ended with a result of two goals to nothing.

Al Ittifaq managed to make a good performance and a very good performance against Al Wahda, and deserved to be crowned with three points, where at the moment is seeking to make a very great offer against Al Ahli in order to continue the glory, especially since it has a large number of wonderful and professional players, which can Of achieving ambitions, goals and victories.