Arturo Vidal numbers put Barcelona in real trouble
Arturo Vidal numbers put Barcelona in real trouble

Arturo Vidal attracts the attention of fans of the Spanish team Barcelona, again, during the morning training exercises for the team today, after the remarkable brilliance and the recording of several goals in the division conducted by the coach today.

On Sunday, the Spanish team Barcelona played a training session in an open field that witnessed a good number of Catalan fans, and the Chilean Arturo Vidal attracted the attention of the attendees, especially the children.

The behavior of the player with the Catalan fans is in great contrast to the crisis that brought him together recently with his club after he filed a complaint against Barcelona, ​​demanding a financial reward of 2 million euros for his participation with the team last season.

Vidal returned on January 2 of the Christmas holidays and joined the team’s training and participated strongly to get an opportunity to participate in the Espanyol meeting, which was held the day before yesterday, Saturday, in the framework of the 19th round of the Spanish Premier League.

Although Vidal is described as a messy player, he is a strong and distinguished player who is able to flip the outcome of the match, and he also has great techniques.

Especially since he played in Bayern Munich under the leadership of one of the best, if not the best, coaches in the world: Spain's Pep Guardiola, the current Manchester City manager.

In the Espanyol meeting, Vidal participated in the beginning of the second half, and he showed within 45 minutes his ability to do a lot, and gave the team dynamism and spirit in his playing style, and he was not satisfied with that.

In the 59th minute of the match, he signed his team’s second goal from a header similar to that he scored against Real Madrid last season in the meeting that ended with the Blaugrana winning with five goals.

Vidal did a great job leading analysts to say that Barcelona would not have drawn and lost two points to Espanyol if the team had 11 players as Kvidal.

Fidel's scoring record with Barcelona

Fidel has managed to score 6 goals with Barcelona since the start of the current season, ranking fourth in the team's scorer list, and the total participation of Chilean reached 568 minutes, meaning that the rate of his registration reaches a goal in each match, which is a wonderful number for Arturo.

Fidel silences everyone

After the player submitted a complaint against his club, many talked about his approaching departure from Barcelona and the matter sparked a storm of criticism, but he managed with 3 training sessions and one game to silence everyone and calm the atmosphere.

Despite Vidal's impressive performance in most of his posts, his complaint is still under discussion at the club, and Guillermo Amor, head of institutional relations in Barcelona, ​​confirmed that Vidal's complaint will be resolved internally.

Vidal's departure may be delayed

Certainly, Barcelona will not be able to avoid the issue of the player’s departure from the team, sooner or later, and many reports indicated that he may leave during the current winter transfer market, but the distinguished performance he provides may compel the Spanish champion to postpone the matter until the current winter Mercato.