Hossam Badri announces the formation of the coaching staff of Egypt

It was officially announced today the official formation of the Egyptian national football team under the leadership of Captain Hossam Al-Badri, this came within the framework of the conference, which was done today to announce the formation and members of the technical staff of the Egyptian national team to start work officially.

The most prominent surprise in the formation and members of the coaching staff is the Tunisian loads coach Anis Chahalali, who was officially announced as coach of loads in the national coaching staff of the Egyptian national team.

Captain Hossam Al-Badri stressed during the press conference that the selection of the coaching staff came on the basis of the great experience enjoyed by members of the coaching staff.

The formation of the technical staff of the Egyptian team led by Badri as follows:

General Coach: Tarek Mostafa and Ahmed Ayoub.

Assistant Trainer: Mr. Mouawad.

Goalkeeper Coach: Ayman Taher.

Trainer of "physical contagious" loads: Anis Chahalali.

Team Manager: Mohamed Barakat

The medical device headed by: Dr. Mohammed Abu El-Ela.

Media Coordinator: Shadi Al-Jilani.

Captain Hossam Al-Badri ended the optimism of the members of the Egyptian national team, stressing that the technical staff will work intensively to prepare for a strong participation in the next African Championship in 22021 and the Cup of the year in Qatar 2022.