Liverpool defender Van Dyck speaks on the struggle for the league between Liverpool and Manchester City

Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk has confirmed that the team is currently only interested in scoring points in the Premier League without looking at the teams, especially Manchester City, crowned English Premier League title last season after a very strong competition with Liverpool.

Dutch star Van  Dijk revealed that his team is only focused on their performance and matches and are not interested in the eight-point difference with defending champions Manchester City.

Liverpool managed a 2-1 victory over Leicester City, while Manchester City fell 2-0 away to Wolverhampton Wanderers.
Liverpool are currently seeking to equal the record for Manchester City in the Premier League, with 18 consecutive victories, if the Reds win against Manchester United after the international suspension.

"So far we are reaping points and there is always room for improvement, and I think we should only focus on all the games and not look at The difference with others, including Manchester City. "

The Lever-defender also confirmed that Nack was busy with matches in December and January, and anything could happen.

Commenting on a question by a journalist about the defeat of Manchester City, he commented: "I certainly did not expect that, but everyone was sure the difficulty of the game against the city, but the most difficult, which was not expected, not (Guardiola) goal at home (During the meeting). "

The Wolverhampton star added that Wolverhampton did a great job and we should pay tribute to them, but Manchester City will try to return, and even then I have to concentrate only with my country at the moment.