Manchester United want to sell Chilean Alexis Sanchez

After the disappointing performance of Chilean star Alexis Sanchez on loan from Manchester United to Inter Milan, Manchester United want to sell an attack after the end of his loan.

Newspaper reports have indicated that Manchester United do not want to keep Sanchez after the end of his loan to Inter, confirming, according to the source, that the management of the Red Club is ready to give up the Chilean striker for at least 25 million pounds.

The reports from within Manchester United, which our economic website has managed to obtain, have confirmed that "United management does not see in any way any chance of Sanchez's return no matter how successful his loan with Inter, looking to save about £ 50 million from behind Sell ​​it because he gets a weekly salary of £ 505,000 in his three-year contract. "

It should be mentioned that the management of Manchester Club is currently interested in the development of a plan to recover some of the funds, to compensate for what has been paid, and save the remaining in his contract.

It is worth mentioning that the loan agreement between the administrations of Inter and United, a condition for the final purchase of Sanchez services, but there is an agreement between the parties to renew negotiations on the completion of the deal, next summer.