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Paris - Brazilian star Neymar has abandoned the idea of a move to Barcelona, the French press reported on Monday.

In a related context has confirmed the French international newspaper L'Equipe that the Brazilian star Neymar will play this season amid the ranks of Paris Saint-Germain.

The French international newspaper L'Equipe wrote on its website and social networking site Twitter moments ago that "close to Brazilian striker Neymar officially informed the club the final decision that the Brazilian star will end this season in the ranks of Paris Saint-Germain."

Neymar officially abandoned the idea of ​​leaving to Barcelona

On the other hand, the Catalan newspaper "Mundo Deportivo" that the relatives of Neymar have all acknowledged to the newspaper that all negotiations with the Barcelona club to return and that at the moment will officially join the ranks of the French club.

On the other hand has confirmed last Friday, the sports director of the French team Paris Saint-Germain, Brazilian Leonardo, before the world media, not to reach a final agreement to formal satisfaction of all parties, especially since Neymar is the most expensive player in the world.

The Brazilian Leonardo said that the transfer window was officially closed last week and there is no intention of Neymar to return to Barcelona again.

On the one hand, the Brazilian Leonardo confirmed full readiness to abandon Neymar, but provided that the Spanish team Barcelona meet all the financial conditions and provide an alternative, especially since Neymar cost the treasury of the club about 222 million euros in the previous year 2017.

In the past period, all news about Neymar has become the focus of international newspapers through the completion of the deal to leave the French club to the Spanish club, but all the newspapers in those days became talk about what will happen in the next period, and the reaction of the Spanish club from all the financial conditions imposed by the French club .

Neymar is currently in all training with the French team without playing any game that season, despite the real intention of Neymar to return to Barcelona again.

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