New Zealand bans the sale of gasoline and diesel cars by this date
New Zealand bans the sale of gasoline and diesel cars by this date

Recent studies have confirmed that the electric car market will overwhelm the car market in New Zealand that depends on oil or fuel, knowing that there are expectations that the market value of electric cars will reach $ 1.5 trillion in 2025 compared to $ 40 billion in 2018, this market is growing rapidly .

Sales of diesel powered cars decreased by 3.7% in New Zealand during the last quarter of 2019, while the demand for electric cars grew by 81.3%, according to data from the Automobile Manufacturers Association.

The association, last month, expressed grave concern that New Zealand automakers could not meet their carbon dioxide emissions targets.

New Zealand bans the sale of gasoline and diesel cars by this date

The association was alarmed by the decline in diesel car sales, as it was replaced by gasoline cars.

However, the Automobile Manufacturers Association should not be worried, diesel car sales fell by 3.7%, and electric car sales increased by 81.3%.

Although the growth rate in electric vehicle sales is very encouraging, it is small when compared to its counterpart at the same time in 2018.

Electric car sales recorded 86,474 units in the quarter from October to December 2018, and New Zealand's sales of petrol cars at the same time amounted to slightly less than that in the fourth quarter of 2018 85,743 units.

On the other hand, sales of electric cars in Europe recorded one million and 818 thousand and 174 units, which made the electric car market only touch with 4.8% of the cars that run on gasoline in 2018.

Electric car sales in the last quarter of 2019 reached 156 thousand and 805 units, which may seem small, but this figure represents 7.7% of the number of gasoline vehicles that were sold in Europe in the last quarter of the past year, or the equivalent 2 million and 34 thousand, and 463 cars.

On an annual basis, separate data published by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association recently showed that more than 290,000 electric cars were sold to the European Union last year, almost double the number in 2018.