Australia monitors drivers while driving
Australia monitors drivers while driving

Australia is launching the first technology not previously used in the world, to monitor motorists while driving, and now knows how this new technology works.

The Australian state of New South Wales has launched high-definition cameras, the "first technology in the world" designed to monitor the illegal use of mobile phones while driving.

On Sunday, New South Wales, Australia's most populous state, launched the new system, with high-resolution cameras, to take pictures of the seats at the front of the vehicle, with the aim of illegally detecting mobile phone use.

"These cameras will (illegally) target the use of mobile phones, anywhere and at any time," the New South Wales government said on its website Monday.

The government launched a pilot program for the new system from January to June in New South Wales.

It is proven that fixed and mobile cameras work reliably. During the trial period, the cameras monitored more than 100,000 drivers using their phones illegally.

The new system operates 24 hours in all weather conditions.

Warning messages are scheduled to be issued within the first three months, before fines are applied, starting at A $ 344 ($ 226).

It is noteworthy that motorists are allowed to use cell phones, which are installed on a holder inside the car, legally, and to make and receive calls via the "Bluetooth" feature.