Instant docking of the Mansouri International Space Station vehicle

The Soyuz MS15 spacecraft has successfully joined the International Space Station (ISS), bringing all its crew, including UAE astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri, to the station after nearly two hours of docking.

In a related context, the UAE News Agency confirmed Wednesday evening on the authenticity of the news that was circulated about the docking of the spacecraft "Soyuz MS15" successfully with the International Space Station.

In that regard, the UAE's Hazza Al-Mansouri, the UAE's first astronaut to visit the space station, aboard a spacecraft from Kazakhstan.

The UAE news agency reported that Emirati Hazza Al-Mansouri was accompanied by Russian astronauts Oleg Scribochka and American Jessica Mir on board the Soyuz MS15 spacecraft.

Details of the docking moment of the vehicle carrying Mansouri International Station

The agency confirmed in its statements today that Mansouri will spend eight days at the International Space Station, as it is the most advanced scientific and technical project in the world, and the highest cost over space experiments at the International Space Agency NASA.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, wrote in a tweet on his official Twitter account: “The arrival of Emirati Hazza Al Mansouri in space is a pride for Arabs and the UAE. In particular, it is a message to all young people in the Arab region that Arabs can move forward and join the technological sciences in the world of advanced space.
The ruler of Dubai also wrote in the tweet that the next station is Mars through a probe of hope designed and implemented by the youth of the UAE pride of Arabs and the pride of the world.

"More than two years ago, I launched my brother Mohammed bin Zayed (the Emirates Astronaut Science Program), yet the celebration of the first astronaut of the Emirati people on a historic mission to the International Space Station was celebrated today," the ruler of Dubai wrote in a tweet.

In the end, Sheikh Mohammed concluded his tweet, writing: "An Arab-Emirati achievement is a pride for Arabs, the Emirati people and the Islamic people.