How to know the electricity bills electronically
How to know the electricity bills electronically

A new service is launched by Al-Eqtisadi newspaper now, you can dear visitor now, inquire about the electricity bill in Saudi Arabia, according to the meter reading, details through the lines of this article.

Economic newspaper now from Saudi Arabia, how to know the electricity bills electronically through the electricity company website, is an issue that concerns all citizens as you search for a service to inquire about the details of the monthly consumption of electricity.

How to know the electricity bills electronically

And that coincides with the date of the Saudi salaries going down, after the company enabled all residents and Saudis present in the territory of the Kingdom to reveal the bills through the Internet with ease.

Knowing the electric bill with the meter number

The Saudi Electricity Company provides several methods through which a citizen can inquire about the electricity bill according to the meter reading electronically, including logging in on the electronic billing services page of the Electricity Company website, then entering the account number and subscriber counter number.

How to send an electricity bill on a mobile phone

All you have to do is enter the company link and then fill in the account number field, followed by entering the human use verification code and clicking on display, then all current and previous bills appear, which helps you to check the frequency of monthly electricity consumption.

And you may want to reduce your use or that you are satisfied with it and want to continue the same amount of use. Since the removal of subsidies on electricity, billing prices have increased significantly, which has called on many citizens to reduce unnecessary consumption of electricity, in addition to providing services to transfer the electricity bill.

Saudi Electricity Company No.

In the event that you wish to speak to customer service for the purpose of inquiring the Saudi electricity bill with the meter number and knowing the consumption details, or asking any inquiries only, call the free joint service center number available 24 hours 920001100 and an immediate response will come to take your inquiry.

As for if there is any complaint of the Saudi Electricity Bill due to be paid, current or previous, you can send the complaint through the Saudi Electricity Company website.