Saudi Arabia launches new work visa system
Saudi Arabia launches new work visa system

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is now launching a system of work visas under new conditions, serving the labor market in the Kingdom over the coming years, and is primarily in the interest of the citizens in the Kingdom.

The Minister of Labor and Social Development in Saudi Arabia, Ahmed Al Rajhi, confirmed that the Ministry of Labor in the Kingdom has completed 68 initiatives worked on during the past few months.

He pointed out that a number of initiatives have been signed with the health and agricultural sector to provide fifty-five thousand jobs for young people and girls in the private sector in the Kingdom. Recruitment office in addition to about thirty-five other recruitment companies.

Meanwhile, during an open meeting with the Saudi Chambers in Hail, Ma'aleh pointed out that the ministry has launched a strong platform to provide the ministry's services in the business sector, which reaches one hundred and twenty services, 70 of which are now operational.

The rest of the other services will be completed in the next five months, Ali said, adding that starting from next month, the establishment visas will be launched through Qawi platform, which does not require any Saudi national to obtain visas.

The new facility will be given a 12-month deadline to establish it without requiring the employment of any Saudi national, after which you will need to upgrade to the appropriate medium range of the desired facility.

The Minister of Labor and Social Development said that the Ministry will work with the private sector on the principle of partnership and integration in order to achieve sustainable and fruitful results for the Saudi labor market and to promote the growth of the business sector.

Hence, achieving sustainable Emiratisation as well as raising the level of participation of Saudi citizens in it, stressing that the strategic development partnership with the business sectors in all regions, pointing out that the programs and all initiatives set by the ministry will come with the aim of empowering Saudi citizens.

It also aims at increasing the level of their participation in the economic development in the Kingdom amid productive, stimulating and stable working environments at all levels.