A train breaks the world record for the number of vehicles in South Africa

South Africa today announced that it has succeeded in launching the longest train in the world, this train dedicated to transport goods, with a length of more than 4 kilometers.

Transnet - Freight and Rail announced on Friday that it had launched a train that broke the world record on vehicle traffic on Thursday.

In an effort to keep heavy trucks carrying crude metals off the roads in the country, they cause damage and avoid overcrowding.

Transit said in a statement, quoted by Bloomberg News, that the train, which pulls behind 375 vehicles and a length of more than 4 kilometers (2.5 miles), carried about 23,625 metric tons of manganese ore.

The train took about 861 kilometers from Sechin in the Northern Cape of South Africa to the port of Saldanha on the west coast of the country.

South Africa is competing with Australia for freight trains around the world.