Authorities warn of deadly spiders in Australia
Authorities warn of deadly spiders in Australia

After the wave of fires that affected the forests in Australia, and the invasion of the country for a number of floods that caused great damage to the citizens, only the deadly spiders have appeared, warning from specialists in Australia.

After the fire disaster in Australia, experts now warn residents of the need to pay attention to deadly spiders, due to the ideal conditions in which these spiders thrive.

The wetland area in eastern Australia is the home of the deadly repressive spiders, famous for its intense rapid-acting name, and the Australian Reptile Park has said that spider activity has increased in recent days.

Australia has experienced the worst wave of forest fires in decades, which devastated vast areas and caused dozens of deaths across the country.

The country was also recently hit by thunderstorms, the floods created new dangers, and after a short time Australia was hit by dust storms, which caused huge stones to fall.