Australia donates 20,000 square meters of skin to treat New Zealand volcano victims
Australia donates 20,000 square meters of skin to treat New Zealand volcano victims

Australia gives up political differences with its neighbor, and donated 20 thousand square meters of leather to treat New Zealand volcano victims.

Where the Australian states of Victoria and New South Wales decided to donate 20,000 square meters of leather to New Zealand, after the latter announced its approach to about 1.2 million square meters.

That is, the equivalent of 120 square meters of skin to perform the necessary patchwork for patients with life-threatening burns caused by the eruption of the "White Island" volcano, according to "euronews".

Through this, medical officer Peter Watson pointed out that some of the injured suffer from severe burns, amounting to 90 and 95 percent, and are being treated in two hospitals in Auckland and Hamilton.

In turn, Stefan Bunyatovsky, head of the donor tissue bank in Victoria, said that the skin will be vaccinated and transplanted to the burned body and the site of the injuries.

The New Zealand Herald reported that only five to ten people make a skin donation every year across the country.

Where donors can donate tissue and skin when they die. Boniatowski said that the donor families feel a little comfortable when they make this move and find that something good came as a result of the tragic loss of their loved ones.

Among the injured dozens of tourists from Australia were present during the sudden eruption of the volcano, along with tourists from different nationalities from the United States, Britain, China and Malaysia.

They will be transported from Australia by air to their home country to receive appropriate treatment if their condition improves and they are allowed to travel, which does not endanger their lives.

And New Zealand police announced a few days ago that they would open a criminal investigation to reveal the reasons that led to the killing of more than ten people in the eruption of the volcano "White Island".