Award winner Australia's Got Talent 2019

Australia's Got Talent 2019, Award winner announced this year 2019 of the Australia's Got Talent.

The new winner of the Australian talent program 'Goal Talent' has been officially announced this year, and this season has seen a number of great surprises.

The most striking surprise of the season was the passion for the withdrawal of Captain Rowen, who withdrew due to previous commitments, which confirmed that the vote was essentially ours.

Christie Seller's amazing routine deserved to win our judges, Lucy Durack, Nicole Scherzinger, Shane Jacobson and Manu Fidel ... but now Australia has decided too!

Manu was very surprised by her performance tonight.

"Your art is amazing ... you just represent every strong woman on this planet. You are an example of power. I think you are just amazing bloody."

We are very happy with her!