Traffic laws in Australia

The Australian government has announced the use of the world's first mobile surveillance system while driving in the world.

At the moment, there is no doubt that the use of mobile phones while driving in Australia distracts the driver, and reduces the caution and compliance with traffic laws, making it one of the leading causes of serious traffic accidents.

Means and techniques of automakers and governments in preventing driver distraction

According to Australian newspapers, car companies and governments continue to invent new methods and techniques to monitor, and prevent the distraction of drivers from driving because of mobile; Volvo recently unveiled a smart camera system constantly monitor the driver;

The first technology in the world with the help of artificial intelligence to monitor drivers

New South Wales, Australia, today announced the world's first technology to detect and punish mobile drivers.

The new system is forty-five mobile camera units, each unit consists of two cameras, the first depicting the license plate of the car, the second focuses on the image of the driver from behind the windshield to see what his hands are doing, and through artificial intelligence these users will be monitored for smartphones, with human examination Later for photos.

When the driver is confirmed to use the phone, he will be fined A $ 344 (870 rials) ... Some of these cameras will be installed next to the roads, and some will be placed on private cars and tour the state roads looking for offenders.

100,000 traffic violations in Australia

Indeed, two cameras have already been tested over the last six months to pick up 100,000 drivers while using the phone, one of them using the phone and the iPad at the same time, while the other has made the passenger control of the steering wheel while using both phones at the same time. Unlike conventional speed cameras, there will be no warnings for drivers about the location of the cameras, and the government hopes to reduce accidents and injuries by 100 over five years thanks to these cameras.