Schools evacuated in Australia due to events yesterday
Schools evacuated in Australia due to events yesterday

More than 600 schools in Australia have been shut down ، due to massive forest fires and increased preparedness in all state institutions.

Australian authorities have closed more than 600 schools today as Sydney and neighboring areas of New South Wales state in eastern Australia prepare for what officials call "catastrophic fires."

New South Wales, which has seen dozens of forest fires since last week, declared a state of emergency.

Authorities are preparing for catastrophic conditions today in hot weather, drought, temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius and winds of up to 80 kilometers per hour.

The danger of "catastrophic fires" was first reported in New South Wales, including the Greater Sydney area and some of its inner suburbs.

The State Department of Education announced the closure of more than 600 primary to secondary schools in New South Wales, Australia's most populous state.

As of Tuesday morning, 50 fires were still burning, and half of those were out of control, but there was no state-level emergency fire.

Smoke covered the sky in the northern areas of Sydney this morning, and state authorities called on local people to take action.