First video of a plane collision in southeast Australia
First video of a plane collision in southeast Australia

See exciting details about the collision of two planes in Southeast Australia, where the television was broadcast screenshots of the collision of two planes in Australia, here are the full details.

Where 4 people were killed when two small planes collided today in Australia, and crashed in southeast Australia.

The American "AB News" network said that the identity of the victims has not been revealed yet, but the air footage broadcast by the local media showed the wreckage of two small planes in the grassy areas in the southeast of the country.

First video of a plane collision in southeast Australia

The police have opened an investigation into the accident, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and the Australian Transportation Safety Bureau have been notified of the accident, and the network, "Russia Today", has shown a video clip showing the location of the crash between the two planes amid intense security deployment.

On the other hand, it is mentioned that forest fires raged in Australia over the past months, devoured large areas of forests, killed 33 people and an estimated one billion animals, destroyed more than 2,500 houses, and burned more than 28 million acres of land since September.

Australia has entered a horrific spiral of severe weather fluctuations, until Hurricane "Damian" struck the west of the country, and the region "New South Wales" was subjected to the worst rains in 20 years, due to which the Australian authorities warned of strong floods.

With weather fluctuations, Australia suffered from the worst weather conditions in a very short time, and the Australian authorities issued evacuation orders after torrential rains on Sydney and the eastern coast of New South Wales, causing chaos in Australia's largest city while some extinguishing forest fires were extinguished since Nov.

The meteorological office said that rains ranging between 200 and 400 millimeters fell on the Sydney area to Blue Mountains and to the south of that region, which led to the flooding of rivers and forcing more than 60 schools to close their doors.

According to an Australian National University poll, 3 out of 4 people were affected by the devastating forest fires in Australia, which has a population of 18 million.

The poll, which included 3 thousand people - according to (Sky News) news channel reported on Tuesday that 14% of the population was directly affected by the fires and lost their homes or forced to leave, in addition to the three million people, these 15 million Australians were affected indirectly Smoke forest fires, or cancel plans to spend their holidays.