Many people want to live in Britain

The number of affluent foreigners investing at least £ 2 million in British territory for a "golden visa" has risen dramatically to its highest level in five years, reports from Britain showed this morning.

According to the Home Office data, 250 people received a visa for all first-class investors in the first half of 2019, allowing them to live and work in the UK for five years. The largest number in a six-month period since 2014.

The increase came after then-Home Secretary Caroline Knox suspended the controversial plan in December 2018, saying that the Home Office would not tolerate all individuals who do not work according to rules issued by the British government and are essentially deliberately seeking abuse. Use that system.

But on the other hand, the British government has retreated in the last period and returned again to work that plan and that system through the application of a very strict rule to which all citizens adhere.

In the past and previous period, the Home Office in Britain has already approved one hundred and twenty-four first-class work visas, in return for ninety-one people to obtain the same visa in the same period last year 2018, under easier rules, while applications for about four individuals were rejected According to the British Home Office data.

Global anti-corruption activist Naomi Hearst revealed late last year that the British government had already prepared to suspend those perilous and immoral plans, but only nine months later they had the highest number of visas since 2014, With very few of all applicants rejected. "

"At a time when the EU is moving to curb the sale of citizenship and residency in the EU and Britain, it is worrying that London will once again open its arms to high-risk and wealthy individuals.

This raises the question of whether the British government, after the Brexit, will be looking to bring in agents that the EU countries might reject.

Hence the economic process and investment benefit is the primary system of the British government in order to bring investments to Britain under any umbrella and any image and it remains under review for the time being until further notice.