Cyclone Tino heads to the islands of Tonga after causing the loss of two people in Fiji
Cyclone Tino heads to the islands of Tonga after causing the loss of two people in Fiji

Tonga is warning about this coming issue these days, after Hurricane Tino Fiji left and caused crisis there, he turns to Tonga.

Typhoon Tino intensified on Saturday, reaching the third category, heading towards the Tonga Islands, after it struck the neighboring Fiji Archipelago on Friday, as more than three thousand people were evacuated urgently, the authorities announced.

Meteorological authorities in Fiji Islands announced that the winds have gotten strong, with a speed of 180 km per hour, and it is expected to come into direct contact with the north of Tonga upon the arrival of the expected cyclone Tino in the evening.

"The sea is very rough and I am sure that (the waves) have swept off the beaches in the most vulnerable areas and the outer islands," Tobotoa Tonotuno, a resident of the northern island of Favau, told AFP. "It has been raining heavily for three days. The soil is saturated with water and trees may fall on the ground in the town," he added.

The small Pacific kingdom continues to recover from Hurricane Gita that struck in February 2018 without casualties. Gita generally did not reach the Fiji Islands, but it caused great devastation, especially in the capital of Tonga, Nokualov.

In Fiji, police said Saturday that they were continuing to search for a man and his daughter who were lost after they tried on Thursday evening to cross flood waters by swimming, while torrential rains came just before the arrival of the hurricane, which was still a second category.

According to the Office of Emergency Services, 3,115 people were sheltered in shelters at the height of the storm, but most of them were later able to return to their homes and the damage was less than expected.

"Most people have taken refuge in evacuation centers because of the heavy rains and warnings," said a government official in the northern region of the archipelago. "We have received information that the majority have returned to their homes," he added.

He pointed out that Taveuni Island, where about 19 thousand people live, is deprived of electricity. The wind speed in some areas exceeded 155 km per hour on Saturday, a month after the passage of Hurricane Sarai that killed two people, according to the meteorological agency in the archipelago.

The Pacific islands are popular tourist destinations during the summer in southern countries. But this period of the year is also the hurricane season.