Moments touching a small koala orphan hugging a bear doll as if his mother
Moments touching a small koala orphan hugging a bear doll as if his mother

It is a very touching moment, a small animal who recently lost its mother, was cast in the arms of a teddy bear, what a sad story.

aleqtisady .. A vet has shared video of the touching moment in which a koala that lost its mother in the bushfires reached out to embrace a grey teddy bear.

aleqtisady... The orphaned marsupial was being cradled by a woman in a veterinary office when the toy was held out in front of the koala. 

aleqtisady... She gripped onto the soft toy, nuzzling at it with its face in a tender moment that showed the instinct to seek comfort with what it thought was an adult koala.

The young marsupial had just lost its own mother in the bushfires in Victoria's south-west. 

A very touching video of a small koala orphaned animal hugging a "puppet" bear, as if it were his mother who lost it in the Australian forest fires that witnessed the Australian states since last December.

The video shows an American veterinarian who came to Australia to help treat animals after the fires, as the vet shared the video clip that included the moving moment when the koala who lost his mother arrived in the forest fires to embrace a gray bear.

As soon as the koala saw the bear the game captured it and changed the features of his face and showed her instinct in search of comfort in what she thought was a large koala similar to her lost mother in the fires.

According to the British newspaper "Daily Mail", the veterinarian narrated the story of this koala, saying: "Unfortunately, this little girl lost her mother in the fires and was affected by the shape of the teddy bear and I thought it was her mother."

Wildlife caregivers, the local community, and wildlife veterinarians who will intervene to take care of them must release them back into the wild. "

During the past months, Australia suffered from a full fall in the weather, as the country witnessed the end of last year and the beginning of this year.

A powerful series of devastating fires, which destroyed green and land, as these fires ravaged Australia and had a severe impact on human life as well as forests and animals.

The horrific fires in Australia claimed 33 lives and an estimated one billion animals, destroyed more than 2,500 homes and burned more than 28 million acres of land, as well as the displacement of thousands of citizens since last September.

After that, Australia entered into a horrific spiral of extreme weather fluctuations, until Hurricane Damian struck the west of the country. , Australia is suffering from the worst weather conditions in a very short time.