People who have crossed this country are never allowed to enter New Zealand
People who have crossed this country are never allowed to enter New Zealand

People who have crossed this country are never allowed to enter the New Zealand country, this came in the words of the New Zealand Prime Minister yesterday.

As New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Sunday new restrictions on foreign nationals since February 3, in order to prevent the spread of the Corona virus in the country.

"If you travel to or pass through China, you will not be allowed to enter New Zealand unless you are a New Zealand citizen," Jacinda Ardern said in a statement carried by CNN.

This ban will continue for a period of up to 14 days, as it aims to help contain the spread of the "Corona" virus that appeared in the Chinese "Wuhan" and moved to many neighboring areas and other countries.

No confirmed cases of coronavirus have been registered in New Zealand or any island in the South Pacific until now.

For its part, the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade raised the degree of warning to its citizens from traveling to China to the highest degree.

It is noteworthy that the "Corona" virus can infect animals and humans, and causes a group of diseases that range from common cold to severe ones such as those caused by acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).

In China, the death toll from new pneumonia-related pneumonia increased to 304 deaths and 14,411 confirmed cases as of yesterday.

China’s National Health Committee said in its daily report that 2110 patients are still in critical condition, and 19544 people are suspected to be infected with the virus, while 328 people have been discharged from hospital upon recovery.

The committee added that it had received reports of 2590 new confirmed cases of the virus and 45 deaths throughout the day, and that all deaths occurred in central Hubei Province.

In turn, the committee clarified that 163,844 people who had close contact with the injured had been traced, 8044 of whom had been released from medical observation, and the rest were still under observation.

She noted that 14 confirmed cases were reported in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, 7 cases in the Macao Special Administrative Region and 10 cases in Taiwan Province.

In a related context, China announced today, Sunday, the completion of construction work for the "Huhshanshan" hospital to treat patients with the new coronavirus, in "Wuhan" (the center of the spread of the virus), capital of central Hubei Province.

The provincial authorities said - in a statement today - that the hospital, whose construction began on January 25, is ready to receive those infected with the virus from Monday, and that the medical staff that will occupy the hospital include 1,400 medical staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

The area of ​​"Huhshanshan" Hospital in Caidian District of Wuhan is 34,000 square meters and can accommodate 1,000 beds, while the hospital is to benefit from the experiences of "Xiaotangshan" Hospital in Beijing who played an important role in the campaign to combat SARS virus In 2003.