The Nissan Navara pickup is produced by Nissan

Nissan announced this morning that it will invest very large sums for the production of its Navara pickup which is expected to change the world of South Africa's automobile industry.

Nissan has just invested 3 billion rand in its factory in Roslyn, Pretoria, South Africa, to equip it for next-generation Navara pickups.

The move is part of the plant's role as a center for Nissan's light commercial vehicles. The Navara pickup will join the popular NP200 and NP300 models currently made in Rosslyn and sold in the local market and in 45 African countries.

The production of the new car is expected to start in 2020, where the expansion of production will contribute to the creation of about 1200 new jobs in the factory and throughout the local supply chain with the addition of 30 thousand units to the volume of annual domestic production in the factory "Roslin" of 35 thousand cars A second shift of workers is needed at the factory.

On the other hand, the move was announced at the Rosslyn plant in the presence of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, Piman Kargar, Chairman of the Africa, Middle East and India, and Mike Whitfield, Managing Director of Nissan Group in Africa.

Speaking during the announcement, President Ramaphosa emphasized that the decision to produce Navara in South Africa is further evidence of the importance of the country's automotive production sector and its significant contribution to the local economy. “The automotive sector is the largest manufacturing sector in South Africa, accounting for about 7% of the annual gross domestic product (GDP) and accounting for one-third of manufacturing production. I am very pleased that Nissan has started producing the Navara and I would like to congratulate the employees for their hard work. Coming this way to South Africa. "

“Africa is an integral part of Nissan's medium-term MOVE to 2022 plan, in which we seek to double our presence in Africa, the Middle East and India,” said Biman Kargar, Chairman, Nissan, Africa, Middle East and India. We are currently in several countries in Africa, including Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa, and we intend to set up a factory in Algeria, and today's announcement highlights Africa's continued development and transformation into an important global market as well as the efforts of the South African government to ensure a stable environment that attracts long-term investment. "

Investing in Navara's production will modernize the Roslin plant, add a new flexible production line and other facilities, and train and develop staff.

Nissan has teamed up with the Automotive Development Center, a local government agency that promotes small enterprises in the supply chain and skills development, to select 15 companies owned by black nationals to support in conjunction with preparations for the production of new Navara pickups. The company intends to cooperate with these organizations as part of efforts to enhance production and increase domestic spending.

Nissan, in cooperation with the Automotive Development Center, has so far embraced eight new manufacturers and companies as part of its broad economic black empowerment program. Nissan has 318 suppliers, or 34% of South Africa's total.

Mike Whitfield, Managing Director of Nissan Group in Africa, said: “The new Navara pickup is the right model for South Africa and our employees are ready to start manufacturing it with the support of the government's auto production and development program. Cars currently account for almost 14% of South Africa's total exports and will allow us The production of Navara reinforces Roslin's role as an export center for light commercial vehicles and contributes more to the local automotive sector in line with the objectives of the next phase of the automotive production and development program. ”

Since its launch, the Navara pickup has won a number of international awards including the 2016 Best Pickup Award in the world. Global sales reached 231,435 units in 2018, a 6% year-on-year increase, making Navara the best-selling Nissan pickup worldwide.