Photo from the archive of Notre Dame de Bari Cathedral
Photo from the archive of Notre Dame de Bari Cathedral

Today, in a statement issued by the Church of Notre Dame, in the French capital, Paris, today it announced the non-celebration of Christmas this year because of the last fire that destroyed the building in April, and this is the first time that Notre Dame Cathedral will not celebrate the Christmas Mass nearly 200 years ago.

It should be mentioned that this cathedral has had a great civilizational history for nearly 855 years, and it dates back to the Middle Ages.

This is the first time since the beginning of the French Revolution that the Christmas mass will not be held in a manner that was announced today by the Cathedral Director Patrick.

According to a number of international press reports, the masses are scheduled to celebrate Christmas festivals outside the walls of the Cathedral Church this year.

It is worth noting that French billionaire Francois Henry and his mother donated a large sum of up to $ 109 million, to rebuild the church, and French billionaire Bernard Arnaud also announced that he would also donate $ 218 million to Notre Dame Cathedral.