The financial market in Kenya showed and continued working with the announced trading hours for all securities to be from ten in the morning until one in the afternoon, starting today, Tuesday 8/8/1441 AH corresponding to 7/4/2020 AD.

In this regard, the financial market in Kenya revealed the continued announced trading hours for all listed securities.

For its part, the financial market in Kenya confirmed, in an official statement this morning, its ability to access all its operational systems and implement market operations at all times and enable market participants to manage their business naturally.

In this regard, an official source of the Ministry of Interior in Kenya revealed, yesterday evening, Monday, a 24-hour curfew in a number of Kenyan cities, including Nairobi, Mombasa, and others.

While the market in Kenya recently reduced the trading hours of all listed securities temporarily, to start at ten in the morning and continue until one o'clock on Thursday, March 26 last.

At that time, the financial market in Kenya revealed in a statement posted on its website that the trading sessions are as follows:

- The first session in the Kenyan stock market (Opening Auction): from 09:30 am to 10:00 am

The second session of the Kenyan Stock Market (Open Market - Execution): 10:00 am to 01:00 pm

- The third session in the Kenyan Stock Exchange (auction closing): for listed securities from 01:00 pm to 01:10 pm

The Kenyan stock market excludes debt instruments and ETFs.

- The fourth session in the Kenyan Stock Exchange (trading at the closing price): for all listed securities from 01:10 pm to 01:20 pm (except for debt instruments and ETFs).

Fifth Session in the Kenyan Stock Market (Market Closed): For listed securities from 01:20 pm to 02:00 pm - (except for debt instruments and equity-traded funds where they will be from 01:00 pm) until 02:00 pm) .

The Kenyan Stock Exchange on the Kenyan Stock Exchange has confirmed the integrity of its systems and operational operations, as it always works to take all measures that would benefit the market and its traders.

For its part, the Kenyan government assured all market participants of its ability to access all its operational systems and carry out market operations at all times.

On the other hand, an economic report revealed that the indicators at the present time confirm the coherence of the economy in Kenya in light of the conditions that the economy suffers on the global level in light of the current global economic crisis due to the Corona virus, which is spreading in many countries of the world.

The last report revealed that the Kenyan financial reserves are sufficient to cover the Kenyan imports for a period of four years (47 months), and the growth came as a result of the continuous rise in demand deposits, which increased by 9.5% compared to February 2019, in addition to the increase in time deposits by 6.6% on the basis of Yearly until February as well.

It should be noted that the vital positive indicators at the moment within the Kenyan economy until the previous month of February, increased by 11.3% during the year, as banks ’liabilities on the public sector increased by 17.7% for the same period, while the new mortgage increased loans provided by banks by 142%. .